Markers and Forgetful Parenting

Sitting in the car at a red light the other day, I pulled a small blue sharpie out of the glove box and drew a tiny smiley face on SG's knee. If you haven't parented a tween girl, then you may not fully understand the lengths it takes to get her to smile when she's in a mood.

The tiny smiley face didn't work.

I proceeded to draw a smiley face on my finger. Then I had my smiley face kiss her smiley face. 

That brought out a sliver of a grin. You know the kind of grin you make when you are trying so hard not to smile. It's almost like you're biting your cheeks to keep the smile from growing bigger.

Tween girls are a tough crowd when they're mad.

In the backseat though, H, the almost 6 year old, was cracking up. He thought the first smiley face was great. But he thought having the smiley faces kiss was genius! 

He asked if he could draw a face on his hand too, and I agreed.

Big mistake!

As we were getting closer to our house, SG starts freaking out - as only tween girls can do. The sounds she was making were a mix between carefree, schoolgirl laughter and preteen, know-it-all scolding. I adjusted my rearview mirror and saw that my son had not only drawn a smiley face on his hand, he had drawn smiley faces, ninja turtles, and lines all over his hands AND legs. 

Genius? Not so much.

We arrived home and went about our day, which was pretty crazy because Robert was out of the country. This get crazy when it's just me putting all 3 kids to bed. I usually forget about baths and have them shower in the morning.

Well, that particular week, I not only forgot to give baths the night of the drawing incident, but I also forgot to give showers the next morning. I might have forgotten to give baths for the next 3 days.

That's a hard thing to admit, but I'm all about honesty here, so there you go. My kids were stinky and my son still had marker ALL over him. I even sent him to two parties with that marker all over him. TMI? Maybe so.

And as you can see this wasn't the first time this kid got marker/stamp happy...